Testimonials for Fiona Christie’s Work:

I really enjoyed reading the book.  Your narration style is attractive and easy to digest.  I thought the “summing up” at the end of each chapter was a great idea, and very useful as people can just refer back to that page as a prompt.  Personally I enjoy simply written text without big fancy words that I have to look up in the dictionary! Some authors feel it makes them sound intelligent and knowledgeable.  I think you come across as articulate, intelligent, sincere and with a sense of humour.

I have referred my clients and potential clients to your website and to purchase the book.

The concept is similar to my way of thinking and approach so it really gel’d with me.

Tracy Keith

TMK consulting – Career and Personal Achievement Coaching


“Fiona Christie’s book Shopping List for Life is a great book.  It’s so easy to read.  It’s easy to understand and it’s full of practical tips and hints to help you create a happier life.  I highly recommend it.”

Anne Hartley
Author of Love the Life You Live

There are a lot of things I value about working with you!  Your patience, your compassion, your honesty.  I have every chance to understand the insights that you are able to offer.  The fact that you truly care makes a huge difference to me, when I’m acheiving my goals you “get it”.

Your knowledge and suggestions, the amazing ability to see things in a different way, has undoubtedly helped me so much!


Nurse, Wellington

‘I feel glad to have attended your workshop – what a privilege to be able to attend.  I came out feeling inspired, informed, reassured, accepted and wonderfully excited about my ‘now’ and about my future.  Thank you to a wise woman.’


Wellington, New Zealand

Attending your One Minute Goals Workshop gave me the tools and techniques to learn more about myself – such as goals and values.

During and after the workshop I had a few “ah-huh” (the light bulb went on) moments which made me curious to learn more. The weeks following the workshop I realised I could achieve a lot more than I was doing at that time. Fiona – it was your friendly and warm manner that put me at ease. Your ability to connect quickly to me on a deeper level than the work colleagues we were made me feel comfortable and willing to be open and honest with you.

From that moment I was keen to have life coaching sessions with you.  If you could move to Auckland that would be great. I would snap you up in a heart beat for motivation sessions with my students because you could open a whole new world for them.

Fiona Timoti Knowles

Industry Skills Tutor

Auckland, New Zealand

“Last year I was going through a particularly difficult stage in my life – I was extremely unhappy, lonely and depressed following the breakdown of my marriage.  A friend encouraged me to attend one of Fiona’s weekend workshops, called “Your Roadmap to Love”.  Initially we attended a ½ day workshop which we both thoroughly enjoyed and from there we both decided to attend a further 2-day weekend workshop with Fiona.

The workshops gave me great insight and understanding of what values are important to me and what basically makes me happy.

One particular vision that has always stayed in my head and that I think of all the time is “like attracts like”.  Which basically means if you are feeling negative about yourself and have the “all the good men are taken” or “no one would ever want to be with me” attitude, then you are only ever going to attract likeminded people into your life.

After the weekend workshop I attended life coaching sessions with Fiona for several months and during that time I learnt a lot about myself and about what changes I needed to make in my life and how I needed to not live in the past or in the future either – it’s all about living for the now.

I’ve also completed Fiona’s on-line life coaching which reinforced for me a lot of what I had learnt in the weekend workshops and through the life coaching.  These are great tools to help you stay on the right track and I enjoyed the tasks involved.  One I enjoyed was the writing up the “shopping lists” – which once I got going on I really enjoyed and they made me really think but what I wanted in my future, what sort of person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with and where I wanted to go with my career.

This year has just got better and better for me – I’ve moved into a new job, I feel extremely happy with my life and I’ve met an amazing man who I absolutely adore and who adores me.

I know that if I hadn’t taken the steps last year with Fiona’s workshops, internet sessions and one-on-one life coaching that I wouldn’t be in the position that I am now.  I can’t thank Fiona enough for all her help, guidance, honestly and words of wisdom. ”

J Martin, Wellington, NZ

My client Fiona Says:

“I couldn’t think of anyone else who I would like as my Professional Supervisor. Of course, I would engage you as my supervisor. You have been instrumental in providing me with tools and techniques to pursue happiness in my career and life over the years. I value your wisdom and expertise.”

Fiona Timoti-Knowles

Kaitohutohu/Career Consultant, Career Services