Professional Supervision and Your Leadership Development Matters

Professional Supervision hasn’t hit the limelight as it should have.  Most people know about Leadership Development, and those that know about Professional Supervision are primarily from non-government organizations or NGOs.  However, when you delve with a much more powerful magnifying glass, you will see that they have very similar traits – or at least they ‘should’ have.

Professional Supervision and it’s shortcomings

I see the results of those that have fallen short and I believe the biggest reason is the lack of an accountability based program.  From my experience, the most powerful driving force to effect positive lasting change and influence to become accountable for the outcomes.

In my book ‘One Minute Goals’, I enlarge on this topic and you’ll soon realise having a driving force behind your need to change and get better results dramatically increases your chances of success.

Awaken Your Full Potential and You’ll Awaken Your Staffs

If you practice an accountability based process for yourself, you’ll begin to see dramatic results, not only for yourself, but for your staff.

A lot of managers and leaders assume that it is not necessary or indeed it is out of line to discuss personal issues and blockages that are holding them back professionally.  This is often due to the misguided notion that using company funds to work on personal issues is not ethically sound.

I beg to differ and have proven time and time again that the personal blockages are responsible for the non-achievement professionally.  And that means settling for being unable to rise above the crowd to lead your team, your staff, your management and yourself to achieve outstanding results.


I am living proof that an accountability based model is the most powerful way to effect change and see lasting results.  I see it in my own life, when I veer from the path of accountability (with major consequence as an outcome for non-compliance) my achievement and productivity and my effective leadership of others falls way below what I know is possible.


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