Performance Management

Building successful performance within the workplace begins with your ability to relate with an unconditional attachment to the outcome.

This then leaves you with the ability to fully focus on the needs of the recipient, rather than your own.

Whenever I am called upon to facilitate because of communication breakdown, or a performance management issue within a work environment, I first ask the question ‘where does change need to happen’?  More often this lies with those in a leading position.

The ability to detach and look into the situation as opposed to being immersed in it is critical to ‘see’ a new way of relating to obtain the results you want.

Do any of these comments sound familiar to you?

  • They should know how to do their job more effectively
  • It’s so frustrating, they aren’t delivering at a level that should be in their role
  • I just can’t seem to get them to understand what I want

And there are many more comments to add to the above list.

‘They should know how to do their job more effectively’ – should they?  In your experience, in making that comment, your experience is that they don’t do their job effectively, so therefore they ‘shouldn’t’.  It is interesting that many people ‘expect’ someone to change, without first wondering whether that individual has the knowledge, skill, where-with-all, or even the inclination to change.

Could it be that we would be better to release ourselves from the need to have them conform to what we believe is ‘right’.  Release them to perform in a job that they love.


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