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We often need to juggle many hats when it comes to our work and career.  In order to lead a balanced life, it takes focus and deliberate intention.

One of the biggest issues we see in regard to people’s ‘work’ lives, is the question ‘What is my purpose’?

We have not come across anyone yet who does not already ‘know’ what they want to do in their work lives.   It takes the skill of a qualified coach to bring out the knowledge that is already there and hidden beneath the layers of ‘dis-belief’.

The greatest obstacle we can overcome in our lives is to:

“Become Independent of the Good Opinion of Others” works closely with several fabulous career coaches, delivering real results.

The challenge for the client is the requirement for them to be focussed, dedicated and to be prepared to step up and do the work required to reach their goals.

The way we work is delivered as follows:

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