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I have worked in the disability sector for over 20 years and have always insisted on supervision as part of any employment contract.

It was only when I started working with Fiona that I became aware, through her unique and insightful way of working, that there was another way of viewing and hearing/listening.

I am amazed at her ability to make me see the way, my way, to make me take responsibility for my actions understanding I do know the answers.

It’s her questions that shine the light on seemingly complex issues allowing me to find my way through.  She understands the sector as she understands each of us who seek her supervision skills. I have no hesitation in recommending her to others within the disability, human services field, she is great.

Susan Gray – General Manager

Hutt Valley Disabled Resources Trust (Aug 2010)

Professional Supervision only becomes effective when there is sufficient accountability involved, as one of my clients discovered when they compared the line of questioning I posed at their first session with the results she had seen for one of her staff members who had been receiving professional supervision by another provider.

Many professions use supervision as a way of checking in, gaining an impartial objective perspective to their communication, management or delivery style.

Supervision is an opportunity to learn a fresh new perspective.  My style of professional supervision sees me passing on valuable coaching skills that I have built up over years of study and experience.

My client Fiona Says:

“I couldn’t think of anyone else who I would like as my Professional Supervisor. Of course, I would engage you as my supervisor. You have been instrumental in providing me with tools and techniques to pursue happiness in my career and life over the years. I value your wisdom and expertise.”

Fiona Timoti-Knowles

Kaitohutohu/Career Consultant, Career Services


What is Professional Supervision?

A great question.  Many don’t even know that supervision is an option for them in their careers.  Professional Supervision, I believe, is a critical factor to the success of anyone entrusted with the management of others.

Supervision is a formal arrangement between a supervisor and a supervisee to improve the supervisee’s effectiveness in their work and their working relationships with both those they manage and those they report to.

It enables better leaders.

A great example can be found at:

“Professional supervision can be defined as a worker meeting with an independent person who has greater experience, skills or knowledge to reflect on their work practices that they can improve the way they help others. Professional supervision happens outside of your workplace in a confidential setting and is different to the supervision you might receive from your work supervisor, boss or management committee.”

Professional Supervision is another form of professional development and enhances and compliments other forms of professional development, such as debriefing, mentoring, consulting, and training.

Supervision is a process designed to assist people in leadership roles to reflect on and develop their leadership competencies.

Personal Supervision provides an opportunity to:

  • Review your work with an independent confidential person
  • Explore your frustrations, anger, discouragement and ideas
  • Receive feedback and guidance about decisions and work that may be of concern
  • Acknowledge self care – feelings of distress, failure and success
  • Develop professional skills and secure ideas and information

Supervision ensures:

  • less staff turnover
  • less stressed/more effective staff
  • less conflict in your workplace
  • greater productivity and efficiency for your staff
  • better workplace relationships
  • increased teamwork

Who does it apply to?

Professional Supervision is critical for anyone to increase their effectiveness in their role.  Typically this applies to:

  • Managers
  • Team Leaders
  • Those in clinical practice
  • People who are in the position of ‘counseling’ others
  • People with, often, stressful dealings with the public
  • People offering advice
  • CEO’s and General Mangers, as a checking process of their effective leadership

Why should you consider Professional Supervision for yourself or your staff?

  • It will challenge you to look at all angles in management situations
  • To receive non-judgemental support for and insight into your role
  • You grow your professional knowledge and competence
  • Your clients receive improved services and ultimately outcomes
  • You become more dynamic in your delivery
  • It will raise your professional standards and adherence to codes of ethics

Why engage Fiona Christie for your Professional Supervision?

Engaging the insights of others is what I do best.  My job, I believe, is to enlighten you to a new way of seeing what you do and how you deliver what you do.

I come from my extensive experience as a coach.  I do not come from a clinical background, so my perspective is entirely focused on professional and personal development.  I believe it is in the relationships we foster and form, that we will receive our greatest work achievements.  And in changing our perception of ourselves in relation to those relationships, that is where our greatest insights and change come from.

My results are outstanding.  I’ve been told that I have, on numerous occasions, been the catalyst for ‘epiphanies’.  My response it ‘the knowledge was there all the time, you just needed a fresh pair of glasses with which to see them’.

I have coached, mentored and supervised people from a diverse range of careers:

  • CEO’s
  • Nurses
  • General Managers
  • PA’s
  • Clinical Practitioners
  • Management Support

“Fiona you are brilliant!  With the change in my perception from this morning and my looking at me and knowing it’s the only one I can change, I put my name in the hat for this and I have just been told that I have one of the 2 places being offered – $4,500 worth.  Thank you again for this morning, I wont call it an epiphany but bloody close to it.”

Susan Gray, General Manager

Hutt Valley Disabled Resources Trust, New Zealand

I have challenged those that have begun supervision with me.  Most often, their thinking when they begin the process is ‘this is strictly business, and only regarding work’ – especially if a manager is organising supervision for their staff.  However they soon come to realise that any relationship with staff, must first begin with the relationship they have with themselves.

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