Professional Facilitation/Workshops

My capacity as a facilitator has seen me facilitating in numerous situations, here’s a few that I’ve done recently:

  • Money program – (Your Relationship With Money) facilitating a group of individuals who didn’t know each other and are now supporting each other in a mastermind group
  • Facilitating employees to establish what was behind their lack of communication and being able to speak up in meetings.  Carrying that process on to resolve long-standing issues getting in the way of progress
  • Improving Self Esteem workshops
  • Shopping List for Life – a systematic approach to ensuring you get exactly what you want from each area of your life
  • Shopping List for Love – a systematic approach to attracting the love relationship that’s right for you
  • The 16 Principles of Development

And many more.  I also facilitate groups to reach specific outcomes.   If you’re looking for someone to facilitate a meeting, run a workshop or create a win/win situation, contact me through the link below:

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