Professional Coaching

Professional Success Coaching

Most people assume they need ‘career coaching’.  What I’ve found is most people require far more than that.

Professional Coaching enables me to get to the core of what’s stopping you or your staff member delivering and attaining their very best.

Professional Coaching is used in many scenarios – to name a few:-

  • Redundancy and moving forward
  • Lifting an employee into a higher position, giving them the esteem and belief they need and require to do the job
  • Linked to key performance indicators if applicable, it is a very effective way of moving someone from ‘achieving’ to ‘exceeding’ in a short space of time

If you, your staff or someone you know would greatly benefit from my professional coaching program:

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I use many methodologies to reach the desired outcome.  Extensively I base my coaching on my Sixteen Principles of Development.  These include:

  1. What you believe about your ability
  2. What you learned about your ability
  3. The Rules you place upon yourself and others.  These dictate your current level of career.
  4. The OAR/BED strategy
  5. Laws of Attraction/Quantum Physics
  6. Moving towards language vs. moving away from
  7. Gratitudes
  8. Affirmations
  9. Goals – Using the Results RAS System
  10. F.E.A.R Principles
  11. Strengths and Weaknesses
  12. Acknowledgements/Achievements
  13. Self Esteem/Assertiveness
  14. What we teach others about ourselves (teaching people how to treat us)
  15. You are what you think about
  16. The back door approach – future living

These sixteen principles are essential in creating a professional life that fulfills you.

I look forward to working with you and enhancing your career.