Assertiveness Training

When I receive an inquiry for assertiveness training I know immediately that the so called lack of assertiveness is cleverly disguised as a self esteem issue in a certain area of their life.

Most people have an issue with lack of assertiveness or self esteem in some area of their lives but for some individuals it is much more obvious.

I love this kind of work, it enables me to do what I do best ‘empower others to shine’.

The Collins English Dictionary defines assertive as:

1. confident and direct in claiming one’s rights or putting forward one’s view

2. given to making assertions or bold demands; dogmatic or aggressive

I have never ascribed to the second definition – that’s why I liken ‘assertiveness’ to a sense of ‘esteem’.  The second definition would sit well under ‘aggression’.  The two are often confused.  My training begins with the area of self-belief and builds new skills to interact in a way that gains positive results and outcomes.

I always describe ‘self’ ‘esteem’ and think it aptly named as ‘self’ being the optimum first word – people with low self esteem usually take situations inwards.  So they will think ‘what will they think of me‘ or ‘I’m no good at …’ or they’ll think ‘I’m stupid’ etc.  Versus people who don’t lack assertiveness or self esteem who think outwardly.  For example ‘How could this enhance their life’ or ‘I know they’ll really enjoy this’.  Their expression and use of vocab is outward.

I run assertiveness training courses for staff as well as working with individuals to increase their awareness, understanding and uptake in becoming more self aware and assertive.

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