Professional Development

The relationship we have with our professional life dictates how easy or difficult attaining everything we want from it will be.

That includes communication with our staff, our superiors and our colleagues or clients.

I work with both staff and management/owners in business in my capacity as Relationship Expert.  My facilitation has seen many roles:

  • Facilitator at meeting where the communication between staff and management has broken down
  • Coaching – my role as a success coach enabling the organisation and the individual to gain the most from their roles
  • My role as an ‘objective’ observer enables me to see exactly what is behind:-
    • the staff who don’t appear to be doing their job in the eyes of management
    • the reason behind low productivity
    • the reason for lack of communication and how to rectify it
    • the ability to empower people to see beyond annoyance, lack of respect or resentment and begin to contribute to the organization in a meaningful way

Professional development is in all cases individual and universal.  We all learn differently and we all require and acquire new skills on an individual basis.  Therefore, my approach is individual.

Following the diagram below, you can see how I reach the desired outcome, but not necessarily my approach or tactics.

If you’re looking to gain immeasurable insights, change and growth, contact me to find out how I can enhance your professional development:

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Our Approach to Professional Development

Most of our clients belief when they begin the coaching process with us is very different to what the process actually uncovers for them.  They believe it’s all about being:

  • better at what they do
  • getting bigger results
  • earning more

When in fact it has more to do with their ‘belief’ about their ability to have whatever it is they strive for.

We offer Professional Development for:

  • Leaders requiring a ‘supervision’ coach
  • Leaders looking to gain a greater understanding of how to better perform in their role within their organisation
  • Career progression and development
  • Career movement
  • Development aligned to key performance indicators

Without a doubt we have never experienced professional development in any other way.  The process we follow is outlined below:

Coaching Procedures - Process OneBusiness, Career & Executive Development - Process TwoCoaching Procedures - Our Philosophy