Self Esteem

Put yourself in the drivers seat, have Self Esteem become something in your ‘past’ and not your ‘present’ or your ‘future’.

Self Esteem – or lack of it, is often referred to as lack of assertiveness as well.

I believe the name has been cleverly thought out – two words ‘self’ and ‘esteem’.  The ‘self’ part is the giveaway.  Anybody suffering from low self esteem will most likely activate their thinking from an ‘inwards’ perspective.  In other words they make situations and scenarios about themselves, as opposed to the other person or people involved.

Let me explain further.  If we use an example of attending a meeting or a gathering where there will be a lot of people present and therefore the need for interaction – for most people who have a self esteem issue, their thoughts and language patterns are along the lines of ‘But what will they think of me‘, or, ‘I’m not good enough.  Making the situations about themselves versus making them about others.

Those who don’t have a self esteem problem, may use wording like ‘How could I enhance their life’ or ‘They’ll think this is brilliant’.

Just about everyone on this planet has a self esteem issue in some part of their life, but the difference for some is that they have no way of self evaluating and changing the situation.

That’s where I come in.  I teach people how to overcome low or lack of self esteem by uncovering what lies beneath and instilling a new sense of self-worth.

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