Relationship Break Up Advice

Relationship Break Up Advice – Discover a Less Stressful Way.  When you’re at a point that you need relationship break up advice, you’re in one of the following categories:

  • you’re considering breaking off your relationship
  • you’ve just been told by your partner that he or she wants to end the relationship
  • someone you know is experiencing difficulty with their relationship and you’re looking to offer them some helpful advice
  • you’re trying to find a way to end a relationship, or
  • you’re trying to save the relationship you’re in.

There are some effective e-books out there that could help.  Not everyone is in a position to received 1-2-1 coaching with me, so consider if an instant download of an ebook is a good option for you.

Michael Webb’s books can be found at:

A relationship breakup is one of the top stressors in life, up there with public speaking and death of a loved one. Why?

Until you’ve been through a break up you can only imagine and assume what it’s like. There are definite stages to a breakup and some good sound advice to help you decide what to do before, during and after the breakup is necessary.

Break ups tend to influence people to make incredibly rash decisions that could be regretted later on. It can also be a time when we have an opportunity to experience being alone again. Something which many people avoid at all cost.

Marriage Break Up

When my own long term marriage ended, at first I felt as if I had nothing to look forward to.  I also realized that I had a lot of support from family and friends which was fantastic and much needed at the time.  But what they couldn’t do for me, was make me feel better.  You see, I was the only one living with my thoughts, and it’s the thoughts that cause us the most anguish.

I will be creating some links to some good ebooks to help with getting over a break up, but I believe that the most useful help at this time is to talk to a professional relationship counselor/coach.  I’ve listed my services ‘here’, and I’ve also invited other relationship experts to do the same so you have a choice as to who you work with.

Don’t sit along in anguish, pick up the phone and call one of us today.  Telephone coaching is very effective and we have your best interests at heart.  Visit my contact me page to find out how I can help you.