Life Coaching


Life Coaching for Personal Development

Relationships form the basis of our entire world.  We learn our behaviours in relationships and how we will or won’t interact in them at a very early age.

Many people struggle with relationships throughout their lives, they are juggling so many ‘hats’, your life consists of many relationships and it’s not until you stop to question your ability to relate that you can then begin to uncover the secrets that create relationships that work for us.

Most people’s relationship behaviour follows them in whatever area they are relating,we are all part of:

  • Work relationships
  • Love relationships
  • Relationships with ourselves
  • Relationships with money
  • Relationships with our beliefs
  • Relationships with our:
    • Families
    • Friends
    • Colleagues
    • Employers/Managers/Staff
    • Love partners

Relationships are everywhere in life and ‘doing’ relationships poses hurdles for many people.  That’s where we come in.  We are relationship experts.

We have captured our work in three main areas:

  1. Corporate relationships/work/ supervision
  2. Love relationships
  3. Our relationship with money

Fiona is qualified to speak to her subject of relationships through her extensive studies, experience and qualifications in the coaching field.

Talk to her today to find out how she could impact your business, marriage, relationship or money.

We have captured our overall coaching practice here at: and our sister site this site is the feature blog for Fiona’s money mentor groups.  Fiona runs a money program ’6 Weeks to Financial Harmony’ – these mentor groups follow on from that program.  Her mentor groups will be blogging on their progress of financial goals set at the beginning of each mentor program.

Coaching and it’s Many Benefits

Areas we focus on:

Fiona’s coaching services consist of three main areas:

  1. Relationship coaching (both love and work/personal relationships)
  2. Money coaching
  3. Workplace Supervision and Coaching

Fiona has been coaching individuals, couples and corporates for over 10 years with outstanding results.

Why is Fiona’s coaching so successful?  Her secret lies in her ability to ascertain how the individual client ‘learns’ and takes in information and adapting the coaching to suit their needs.

Her clients know that she will only coach those who are prepared to step up and do the work required to achieve lasting results.

There are many reasons why coaching works so well – especially the way we deliver it.  Our point of difference is very much geared towards:

  • tailored coaching to suit the business, individual or couple
  • bringing in many modalities to suit the issues that are right in front of us
  • we gear our coaching and training to suit the way you learn and absorb information
  • we’re different!

In order for you to achieve great results in your life, you may be able to do some of what you want on your own however by working with a Life Coach who is trained to give you the knowledge, motivation, forward vision and impact, you will achieve your goals much faster and more easily.

Why see a Life Coach?

Why see a Life Coach, why not just coach myself?  I remember having this conversation with a private caterer.   She asked me ‘Why would someone pay to see a Life Coach? Why not just read a book and do it themselves?

My answer was simple: ‘Well’, I said to her ‘let me give you this example.  Let’s say that my friend Mary is getting married in a few week’s time and she comes to me and says ‘Fiona, can you do the catering for my wedding, I’m only having 150 guests, and you’re a good cook, what about it?’.  My response is not so surprising ‘Mary, I can cook, but I’m not a caterer – no way!’

Mary responds ‘but you can cook can’t you?’

So yes whilst everyone can read a book, they often don’t have the persistence or knowledge to:

  • Read the book from start to finish
  • Take time out to actually complete the exercises contained in the book to propel their lives forward
  • The know-how and understanding to challenge themselves, knowing the right questions to ask themselves
  • They are also not skilled in observing the words and language they use – which ultimately hinders their progression.

Book a coaching session with us today. Your coaching sessions can be face to face or over the telephone.  The same personalized coaching session is delivered in both cases and the sessions are interactive using techniques and tools specific to our coaching practice.

Benefits of Telephone Relationship Coaching

Some of the benefits of telephone based coaching are:

  • Telephone coaching is very focused and direct.
  • Telephone coaching can be very flexible as you don’t need to travel to attend coaching calls.
  • Suitable for people with busy and tight schedules.

Where applicable Skype can be used for the call. We also offers tele-seminar based coaching products and web conferencing courses from time to time.

Life Coach vs Counselor (Counsellor)

What is the difference between a Life Coach and a Counsellor (counselor) or attending Counselling?

Another great question and one which many people ask before they become clients. Life Coaching focuses more time and energy on the present and the future than on the past.  It is useful to understand the impact our past has on our current life, however to really gain maximum benefit, it is more useful to gain an understanding about our belief structures and how they inhibit our ability to be able to move confidently and with ease into a great future.

Understand that counselling and counsellors have a fantastic role to play in moving people into their current life, however Life Coaching looks at working with people that have come past major counselling work and are ready to propel into a fantastic future.

We use very much a workshop based approach. We work interactively with you to achieve these results using accelerated learning techniques, activities, whiteboards, interaction and participation from you. This can all be done face to face or over the telephone, through teleseminars (telephone conference calls) or workshops.

How We Work

Our practice offers a safe and trusting environment for growth where clients are able to explore and develop their understanding in search for more fulfilling lives that includes discovering paths to fantastic relationships and abundance.

Unlike Counselling, Life Coaching offers an interactive approach, a little bit like attending a workshop. We use modern methodologies and concepts together with accelerated learning techniques to fast-track your road to success. These work brilliantly both over the telephone (telephone coaching) and in person.

The Coaching Environment and How It Works

The environment we work in is specifically designed to accelerate learning and understanding.  We believe that for coaching and personal development to work effectively, the environment must be interactive, much like attending a workshop or brain storming session.  We are able to create this face to face or over the telephone, using tools and technique unique to our practice. Our style is unique and creates lasting results.

We run our coaching sessions with interaction, fun, accelerated learning and empowerment techniques that see amazing results for our clients.