Failure – Choice or Chance?

The word ‘failure’ conjures up a sense of something lost for most people.  I beg to differ.  What if failure were simply one of the following:

  • an excuse to not exceed at something we’re afraid of
  • an opportunity to learn something new
  • a universal nudge suggesting that we’re now open to a new pathway or way of thinking

I’m now constantly asking myself the following question:

What would I do if I knew it was impossible for me to fail?

Could failure simply be an opportunity to try again in a different way?  What if failure were not actually ‘true’.  I really admire the teachings of Byron Katie, a very wise woman.  If you were left with a sense of dis – ease after an experience of so-called ‘failure’, Katie’s four questions could very well be the catalyst to have you begin anew with a fresh vision:

  1. Is it True?
  2. Can I absolutely know that It’s True?
  3. What Happens When I believe that Thought?
  4. Turn it Around

Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life Take look at Byron Katie’s book ‘Loving What Is’ here  (click on the graphic of Katie’s book to view)

If people were to look on to my life and sit in judgment for a moment, they may well say I have had many failures.  I choose to look at them as opportunities to learn and grow.  For without those failures I would not have advanced on to what I now know is my calling.  To work with people enhancing their professional development.

My latest quote – one which came to me recently, and now I use often seems to fit this thought pattern:

The most influential relationship you will ever have is with yourself


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