Your Money Personality

We give our money it’s own personality, yes, you read that correctly.  Our money has a personality, just like you and I do.

We inadvertently give money a life of its own.

Most people mistakenly think money is bad.  Remember the saying many of us heard growing up ‘money is the root of all evil’ – for some people you would actually think that was true.

Here are few scenarios which I’m sure most of you will have encountered before:

  • You go to the mailbox and collect the mail to find there are three bills enclosed: the gas, the electric and the phone bill.  You sigh and hesitate to open them thinking.  You finally do open them to find that the elect bill is $300, you blame the electricity company and think negatively about money
  • You continually say ‘I need more money’.  You’re eyeing up the new computer that your daughter wants but think ‘I can’t afford it’, thinking ‘there’s never enough money’

I could keep adding to that list until next Christmas and still have more to add.

When I first thought about my money personality some years ago, I realized that I was treating my money as if it was someone I would avoid at all costs.  If I likened it to a person, it would be someone I would stand well clear of in the queue at the supermarket.  It wouldn’t even be someone I would talk to.

That got me thinking.  I know that money is just an exchange of energy, so what kind of energy was I placing on my wealth creation?  Not a very good one.

I began to think about the sort of personality I wanted my money to have.  I thought about some of the wealthiest people in the world and decided that Richard Branson was a good starting point.  He valued money, he wasn’t mean with it and in fact he’s very generous.  I began to ask myself ‘what would Richard do if he were me’.  That bought me up short and really made me think about what I was spending my money on.

You see wealthy people don’t waste money, well that’s a bit of a generalist statement, but take a look.  They’re the first to check the bill when they pay after a night out at a restaurant.  They will check the invoice to make sure they are paying for what they had and no more.  That’s not because they’re mean, it’s because they value money.  They respect it.

It’s something to think about.  I’ll be adding a series of blog entries on this topic.  I find the subject of money absolutely fascinating and began, a few years ago, to take an interest in the difference between the rich and the poor, keep checking my blog to hear more on this topic.


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