The Guide to Attracting and Keeping Mr/Ms Right

Do You Have Your Shopping List for Love?

So many people end up in relationships only to realize that they’ve re-created the same sort of relationship they just left behind.

And it doesn’t end there.  Some people continue to re-create exactly that same pattern again and again – always thinking there’s something wrong with their ‘ex’, never once stopping to ask ‘what could I do differently’, in order to break the cycle.

In order to attract the right relationship, you need to get really specific about what it is that you want – that’s the first step in the process.  Think of it this way, you wouldn’t purchase a house without first doing some very detailed research.  You might get a builders survey done on the house, you might get a valuation done to determine if you are paying the right price for the house, you also might make a very detailed list of what you want in the home.

Even a house purchase seems to fall flat sometimes, that’s because some of the key ingredients in the process are overlooked.  One of them is called ‘the Law of Feelings’, you simply must ask yourself how you want to feel when you’re in your home.

So what does this have to do with a relationship and attracting the right person?  Most people attack the process of meeting someone without much thought and they definitely don’t have a ‘game plan’ in place to ensure that the odds of getting it right are there.

That was certainly me when I entered my first marriage.  When they marriage broke down 14 years later, I took some much needed time out and researched, drew on my extensive coaching knowledge and skill and came up with a way that would guarantee I’d meet the right man.  I then put those steps into action and married him in May 2007.

That sounds very clinical, however the process – which is actually a whole heap of fun, works.  Take a look at the detailed description of the book here.


Decisions made easy

Decisions don’t have to be hard!

Yes, you did read that correctly, making decisions can become an easy process, there are a few ‘rules’ or ‘tricks’ to becoming a quick decision maker and moving on to the next thing in your life.  More to come on this post shortly…

Decisions come easy when you believe in your power to make decisions


Choice to Change?

Change is a Choice

Change that we are comfortable with only happens when we consciously ‘choose’ to make change.

Many a person has said ‘but that wasn’t my ‘choice’.  I beg to differ… we have the opportunity to ‘choose’ how we act or react in any given situation.  And whilst some ‘change’ is made for us (for example a restructure at work, followed by redundancy), we have a choice as to how we view it and what actions we take as a result of that decision.

My aim with these blog posts is to share some personal development strategies that I have found work in my own life and for my clients, I trust you find them useful in yours.